Greetings from PA, 4 Days Until my First Study Abroad Experience!

May 4, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Today I will begin my official countdown, with only 4 days until I depart for China.  I am going with a group of 22 students, and 2 professors.  I will introduce most of them at a later date!

I guess it would be important to highlight the reasons why I am participating in this study abroad opportunity. Well… I have always wanted to study abroad, but with my school/work schedule I didn’t really feel compelled to spend an entire semester abroad.  However, this opportunity popped into my life, and it was to difficult to pass up!

Two weeks, two three credit courses, a trip to China, and it only costs $2500.  My initial reaction. YES.

The title of the program is called “Communicating Business Globally”.  This means we will be studying International Business (IB 303) and Organizational Communication (CAS 352).

I have been learning online through angel about both subjects, and will soon be able to apply my knowledge on our trip to China.

What I hope to learn:

More about Chinese culture and the way business is conducted.

Ways of communicating with people through language barriers, and respecting their customs.

How well I adapt in a foreign country.

How well all of my fellow students adapt in a foreign country.

Seeing how I fit in as a global citizen.

Since this is my first international experience I am obviously excited about the road that lies ahead.  Who I will meet, the friendships I will form, and personal experiences I gain are just a few more plusses.

The Chinese Embassy( where we got our Visas)

I recently went to the Chinese Embassy to pick up the groups VISAs and snapped a few pictures of NYC.  It will be interesting to compare the two cities.  NYC Being are largest city ( 8 million) and Beijing (22 million).

Time Square, NYC

I Wonder if there will be horse and buggies in Beijing?

If you have ever been to Beijing, what were your experiences?

If you haven’t what do you expect to find their?



4 Responses to “Greetings from PA, 4 Days Until my First Study Abroad Experience!”

  1. NIECY Says:

    wow i am so beyond excited for you! this is going to be a beyond incredible experience and i know this is going to be wonderful for you because your so aware and appreciate of everything around you xoxo :)

  2. Daniel Rothrock Says:

    Hey Samuel,

    I’m a Penn State student currently in Beijing for the summer as well. I am doing research at CUMT (China University of Mining and Technology).

    You will enjoy every waking moment of the trip, as I’ve been doing thus far (5 days). Also, everyone here is really open and willing to help you in anyway possible. My first work day, colleagues helped me buy a 4g flash drive for my research and HD enclosure all for around $17 (everything is cheap here if you know where to look).

    I also got a free phone from a friend. Reiterating the friendliness here-it is really amazing.

    If your class is in the Wudaokou District, give me a call maybe we can meet and tour CUMT.


    Dan Rothrock
    18810072416 (China phone number)

    • Sam Says:

      That would be great dan! I am staying at Capitol University of Business and Economics I think in the Gangzhou district….My email is I do not have a phone, but will be with people who do. The best way to reach me is by email. I am glad to hear you are having such a great time and I look forward to Beijing. Hope to see you!

  3. Leyna Says:

    I think it is so great that you are blogging about your trip. I took two courses in Costa Rica one summer during my undergraduate years and I valued and loved every second of it. Take every opportunity to explore and take in the surroundings(I think the running shoes are a necessity!). Keep us posted about REAL Chinese food, I’ve always wondered what it’s like! Thanks for doing this!

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