My life in a Suitcase…

May 17, 2011

I think it would be interesting see what people take with them on long trips.  I have been preparing for the trip this past week gathering all of my necessities, and non necessities.  But today I put it all together…The result, my room looks like a bomb has gone off.

You can learn a lot from packing for a big trip.  I put a good amount of thought into preparing for this one, and as I had all of my “to be packed” items laid out I realized everything I absolutely need and want is going with me.

To make the actual packing part easier (because no one likes packing) I made a list.  I first listed things that needed to go with me.

Obviously health, safety, and getting into the country are the most important things.  How will enjoy my trip if I am sick, or worse unable to go!  So I took the plan for the worst, hope for the best approach.

My needs are:

Passport, money, License, antibiotics, cellphone(Taking a very small flip phone, I will only be using this in an emergency), toiletries, shoes, clothes, Emergency contact numbers.

Then I had to list other items.  All though they are not major necessities, to make the most out of this experience, I would want them with me.  Lets call this group, comforts.   I don’t really need them but they will be a trip enhancer.

Running Shoes, Camera, Computer, Books, travel snacks, Ipod, and a backpack.

If you ever travel to Asia or anywhere internationally for that matter, here are a few things I suggest taking.

Books!  For this trip my two text books, and others for the plane ride.

A voltage converter, $18 for a good one with High/Low settings.  There plugs do NOT look like ours.

Running shoes!  Ok NOT a necessity by any means, but I will be exploring a lot of the city with a long run.  And since I can’t take a bike…

Tylenol, Advil, Benedryl (for headaches/allergies).

And if you will be traveling somewhere with unsafe drinking water, a general antibiotic is good to have on hand.

Even if I don’t need it, I do NOT want part of my trip ruined by something I could have prevented.

And of course your Passport!

Now that I have everything ready to go seeing the things that I need, and distinguishing them from wants, it’s amazing that I can fit everything into two pieces of checked luggage.  I don’t really need to take everything I am taking but seeing everything laid out makes me pretty fortunate for what I do have.

In a way I suppose I packed for this trip, but I also think it was more than that.  It put things into perspective for me, and it also made me appreciate everything I have, and of course the opportunity that awaits me!

Beijing here I come!

Best Wishes,


2 Responses to “My life in a Suitcase…”

  1. Aunt Nancy Says:

    Hi Sam,
    Sounds like you have it all together for a wonderful trip! After reading it, I would suggest that you take either Bactrim or Cipro as an antibiotic for Montezuma’s Revenge from the water rather than just a general antibiotic…unless you are allergic to Sulfa drugs and take it at the first sign of diarrhea. Also make a copy of your passport and leave it at home. I also carry a copy in another bag incase my original gets lost or stolen. Have a wonderful trip!
    Love you, Aunt Nancy

    • Sam Says:

      Thank you, I have Cipro prescribed for me…And a copy of my passport! But I did’t not leave one at home and will do that! See you when I get back.

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