PSU meet CUEB!

May 21, 2011

Ni hao from Beijing!

I have loved every minute spent in Beijing so far.  We arrived at the Beijing Capitol Airport and I was surprised at how CLEAN everything was.  It is also currently the second largest airport in the world.  After a 13 hour flight we ended our long day with a delicious dinner.  The main course was Peking Duck, but I would be selling our dinner short stopping there.  We had rice, fish, pork, beef, noodles, potatoes, lamb, and all sorts of veggies.  When you eat out here everything seems to be family style.  They begin coming to your table dropping off heaping plates of food, and then it seems like 30 minutes later they are still arriving with yet another delicious looking dish of something.  I was stuffed and everything was delicious, and I do not think I will have a bad meal my entire time!  And how much do you think this high-end meal cost? about 10 usd.


To take some weight off, we decided to take a stroll around Beijing, and this is just one of the many sites we saw.

I have been observing everything, this being my first overseas travel experience.  I have noticed so much about Chinese culture, but things that first pop into my mind are:

The people here LOVE Americans.  Our group went to the Summer palace, and when we would take a break from walking, Chinese people would come up and ask you for a picture, or would want to join in if we were snapping pictures of our own.  It would not be uncommon for them to take pictures of us with their own cameras.  For the first time I feel like a minority, luckily there is no racism( but if there was I wouldn’t be able to tell)

Along with that, the people are also very friendly.

Fewer Chinese speak english.  This I was surprised by.  I had the impression, and I feel like we are told in America that there are more English speaking chinese than Americans, or everyone speaks English.  But when going around and asking about 10 people where things were at a store, or just trying to give directions to a cab driver…They just look at you with a blank stare.  A tip is if you are looking for help to ask someone who is younger, because they are more likely to speak english.  Even though they can not understand you a smile, polite gesture, and an attempt at Chinese is surely appreciated.  And though many do not speak english, luckily most signs/menus are in english.

The air quality and pollution is bad.  I am dying for some crisp fresh air.(Especially after running)

Chinese do not serve cold drinks.  Everything is either hot, or room temperature(which seems to always be very warm.)

Hopefully you are good with chopsticks!  If you aren’t you will be in a few days, or you will be very very hungry!

Beijing is a pretty easy city to understand, it is like a grid broken up into east,west,north, and south.  I feel like it is really hard to get lost.  If you do, it may be hard to figure out your way back with street names like “Guangqumennei Dajie”, or “Chaoyangmenwai Beilu”.  Fortunately you would be able to hail a cab and get anywhere for about 25 yuan( 4 bucks). If you do get in a cab, make sure you buckle up, they drive like maniacs.

Our money has so much purchasing power.  I don’t think I have spent over 100 yuan.(15 bucks)

Any street, at any time of the day is safe to walk down.

It seems like half of Beijing, is outdated by about 25 years, but the other half is very very modern.  There is also always construction happening.

The Chinese, and especially our host school Capitol University of Business and Economics (CUEB) have been extremely excellent hosts.

And now check out some more pictures.  I will also be uploading them to my flickr account, where a link can be found on the right hand side of this page.

Soccer anyone? We opted to buy a new ball at Walmart…

Steve and I took our first run today and ran to Chaoyang park.


We agreed that the buildings in the background look like they belong in Dubai.

Our first Breakfast (Soup, Rice, eggs, frut, yogurt, cold cuts, and these doughy, less sweet tasting cinnamon rolls.


Constructing, what me and Steve thought will be some type of mall.


Kung Fu Chicken fastfood

My next post will be about Tiananmen Square, and the Summer Palace.

Zai Jian,


4 Responses to “PSU meet CUEB!”

  1. Hi Sam and group! I am so very happy that you are having a wonderful experience. The photos are beautiful. Enjoy the food…almost every meal includes soup! I wish I were with you.

  2. pam Says:

    I’m enjoying the pics, looking forward to more. Thanks Sam! xo

  3. Kaila Says:


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