Getting the Message(massage!)

May 26, 2011

Yes you read it correctly!

Wednesday I went to our Chinese culture class in the morning and then went to our Business Communications class in the afternoon.  I learned a lot communicating with the other Chinese students.  The most important being that you should exaggerate your non verbal communication when discussing with people of a different language.  Many of the students spoke English well, but others were having a hard time understanding what I was saying.  When I knew that they could not understand me, I would write it down on paper.  They told me that they could read and write better than they could speak English, so this was very helpful.  I also noticed that Chinese males were a lot more timid when conversing. The Chinese students told us that they learned more about how to express their opinions, in a culture that does not do so like the United States.  And they also saw how this was important in a business environment when innovation is such a key factor.

Yeah…I can’t read this.  Luckily I took notes off of the Powerpoint.

In the lobby of the CUEB Business Building.

This is something that I saw that more colleges in the US could do.  Solar power lights! And then… All 23 of us were treated to a Chinese foot massage!  Everyone appreciated it after hiking the great wall of China the previous day.

The next few days are going to be very busy for our group.  We will be traveling 12 hours overnight by train to Xi’an to see the Tera cotta soldiers.  Our train has cabins with 4 beds in each room, so we will be able to get plenty of rest  before arriving.

until next time!

再见(good bye),


5 Responses to “Getting the Message(massage!)”

  1. maybe the chinese girls were less timid because they were talking to such a cute american boy ; )

  2. Vinod Jeyaretnam Says:

    I’m jealous

  3. Vinod Jeyaretnam Says:

    Just read the most interesting piece. It’s called the wheels of freedom: bicycles in china. It’s written by Fred strebeigh. Did you know bike repairmen make 5 times as much as university professors!

    • Sam Says:

      I don’t know about how much they make. But Ill take a picture of the next one they just have a cart on the side of the road with spokes and bike wheels and tires, it is kind of funny.

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