Take Time to Unpack Your Bags…

June 13, 2011

Even though I landed from Beijing, unpacked, and finished my laundry in the same night I am still mentally unpacking from my trip. Being home from Beijing for over two weeks has still left me thinking about this unforgettable experience.  Every day an image or thought pops into my mind and I have another wow(that happened) moment.  I am often asked, what was my favorite experience throughout the trip, and its easy to say something like “hiking the great wall”, or “exploring the forbidden city” because they were pretty remarkable.  But I think the best experience of the whole trip was being able to explore uncharted territories and let the moments unfold how they should.  I began to throw plans out of the window and see where the day or night would take me.  Hopping on the subway and exploring parts of Beijing I otherwise would not have gone lead me to one remarkable experience.  I took a trip to the the Drum Tower in northern Beijing.  I was walking down the street and someone who looked familiar caught my eye.  I took a second glance and noticed it was a family friend of mine named Charles, and his girlfriend.  I didn’t know he was in Beijing and the encounter left both of us speachless after bumping into each other.  I still can not believe the odds of running into someone that I have know for years, half way around the world, on the same side of a busy street in downtown Beijing.  I could have believed it more if I were in a tourist area but here!  Incredible.

It’s priceless moments like that, that stick with you forever.

     The Drum Tower in Beijing

A key ingredient to any culture is the food that they eat.  On one of our last days we were shown how to make sweet and sour chicken, and dumplings.  One thing I enjoy doing is cooking different types of food.  For me cooking is both relaxing and enjoying.  So when I learned we would be making dumplings and sweet and sour chicken I was pretty thrilled (and hungry).

Prep work for the sweet and sour was cutting the chicken, pineapple, and peppers into small pieces.

Soak the pineapple in salt and water while you dip, and roll your chicken.


Enjoy over some rice!

Next were the dumplings.

We filled the dumplings with beef, onions, salt, eggs, and sashimi oil.

put about a teaspoon of the filling into the dumpling and squeeze the edges (kind of like making a perogie).


Boil them until they rise to the top and they are ready to eat!..

Sometimes you cook the food, but other times the food cooks you…

One Response to “Take Time to Unpack Your Bags…”

  1. Aunt Nancy Says:

    Awesome insight! I enjoyed reading about your experiences!

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